Surfacing your customers’ honest, unfiltered feedback and reactions at scale offer benefits across the enterprise–from sales effectiveness and customer retention to quality assurance and performance management. Discover how uncovering the voice of the customer with conversation intelligence software can enable your marketing and product teams to supercharge their efforts.


Maximize Marketing Messaging

Conversation insights from ExecVision perfectly complement call tracking and traditional marketing analytics. Quickly identify and hone in on real conversations with invaluable insights about messaging, market reactions, and more.

Smart Alerts empower marketers to set triggers based on messaging, call parameters, and more allowing them to course-correct their efforts on the fly instead of waiting for lagging indicators to appear.

Make Sales & Marketing a Dream Team

Alleviate some of the sales-marketing friction in your organization by providing marketing direct access into customer conversations. This level of visibility allows marketers to leave feedback and coach their sales counterparts on messaging adherence, value propositions, and more.

Empower your sellers to surface competitive intelligence from their conversations to build their arsenal and arm marketing with the knowledge they need to go head-to-head. Build conversation libraries for specific competitors and quickly search for trends in mentions, feature comparisons, and more.

See how Levelset applies conversation intelligence across the organization.

Take Testimonials & Case Studies to the Next Level

Getting high-quality feedback and quotes directly from customers is a breeze with conversation intelligence. Customer retention teams can quickly share conversations containing the gems marketing needs to craft compelling case studies.

Ahead of customer interviews, quickly review previous conversations to identify the goals and KPIs their team sought to achieve with your product. Then use ExecVision to make writing easier than ever with interview playback, comments and highlights, and transcription so you can pinpoint key moments in the conversation.


Get Product Feedback Faster

Say goodbye to focus groups and feature support tickets. ExecVision makes it easy for teams to share conversations across departments, providing Product teams with a front-row view of what customers are asking for. Share specific requests for VIP clients or build conversation libraries for future developments.

Simplify Support

“The issue could not be reproduced” becomes a thing of the past with conversation intelligence. Customer-facing teams can quickly capture customer issues using a screenshare and attach the conversation to the support ticket. This additional context will help tech teams spend less time hunting for bugs and, instead, focus on resolving them with speed.