What is Conversation Intelligence?

The power of conversation intelligence is astounding—game-changing: The ability to uncover and act on what your customers and prospects are actually telling you in the thousands of interactions (calls, emails, text messages and chats) you have with them every day.

Conversation Intelligence

At its core, conversation intelligence is one’s ability to identify and react to signals in verbal conversations. In business conversations, it means identifying key behaviors that impact outcomes and replicating them across future conversations to improve performance, or leveraging data from customer interactions to make more informed decisions and develop a better customer experience.

Conversation intelligence technology ingests, analyzes, and transcribes voice and web conference interactions. The software leverages AI, machine learning, and deep learning to surface valuable, actionable insights so businesses and their teams can reach their full potential.

What Can Conversation Intelligence Do?

Smart Alerts

Get real-time or trend alerts for conversation activity, keywords and phrases, or account and opportunity action. ExecVision’s Smart Alerts are customizable notifications that managers, executives, and admins can set up based on their needs and interests. The platform automatically recognizes triggers and sends alerts via email. Smart Alerts can also automatically add conversations with specified parameters to a library.


Performance Dashboards

See how your reps and managers stack up, and understand how coaching activity impacts performance on our Performance Dashboards. ExecVision is the only solution in the market able to quantify sales coaching’s impact on performance through closed-loop reporting. Each dashboard is built to serve as Mission Control for each role—reps, managers, and executives—to track and measure conversation quality, performance, and coaching in a single system of record. This feedback loop allows organizations to execute on continuous efforts to improve performance.

Topics, Keywords & Phases

ExecVision automatically detects and flags keywords, phrases, and related topics. As conversations are ingested, the platform continuously learns and updates models based on your organization’s unique language.

Identify what words move deals through the pipeline or remove customers’ frustration. Search for all conversations containing pricing discussions. Set triggers for Smart Alerts around new messaging or feature rollouts. And yes, you can search for curse words.

Search, Trend & Pivot

ExecVision features a robust search engine that allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for. The engine is powered by conversation metadata and CRM fields, as well as conversation content, participants, disposition and more.

Explore trends in conversations using Trend and Pivot within the advanced search dialog box. Uncover if there is a spike in competitor mentions slowing down deals or if there are seasonal changes in customer contact reasons.

Illustration of a man holding a magnifying glass up to a graph of competitor research

Voice ID & Advanced Diarization

Our conversation intelligence technology has the most advanced acoustic models in the category. Silence, hold music, IVRs, and ringing are auto-detected in calls and web conferences, enabling precise measurements across a number of conversation data points. As conversations are ingested, Voice ID learns and recognizes each user’s voice advancing the quality of diarization, transcripts, and more.


Your ExecVision Inbox helps keep conversations organized. Quickly view new Smart Alerts, locate conversations someone has requested your feedback on, and see where you were given feedback. Coaching Plan meeting preparation reminders will also arrive in your Inbox, allowing you to get ready for your next coaching meeting.

Mobile App

Get conversation intelligence on the go with the ExecVision Mobile App. Available for Android and iOS, the app allows users to search, listen to and view conversations, and annotate right from their mobile devices. Make use of your downtime between conference sessions, on your commute, or even while you grocery shop.

Chrome Extension

Web conference recording woes are solved with the ExecVision Chrome Extension. Some web conferencing and dialer technologies still don’t offer the option to record, or they have virtually no way to integrate with other systems. Our Chrome Extension is able to capture recordings from any web-based conversations your team is having, all with the click of a button. Unlike bots that are intrusive and auto-record, the Chrome Extension is easy to turn on and off for compliance and prospect requests.

Graphical representation of an employees performance report and metrics

Conversation Cards

ExecVision matches conversations with CRM data to create robust conversation cards. Each card shows a timeline of the call or web conference, on which users can leave comments and highlights. Explore all that ExecVision packs into an easy-to-view interface:

  • Speech-to-Text Transcription
  • Speaker separation (diarization)
  • Sharing
  • Annotating (comments, highlights)
  • Add to Library
  • Call details with matching CRM data
  • Scorecards
  • Voting
  • Silence, hold music & IVR recognition
  • Auto-detection of call anatomy and phases
  • Interchanges
  • Talk:listen ratio & times