Get notified instantly when conversations go wrong... or right.

Your customer-facing team makes hundreds of calls every day, but it’s nearly impossible to keep track of every conversation on the floor. With ExecVision’s Smart Alerts, you can laser-focus your attention on the conversations that need it most and provide your team with the insights and feedback they need to improve performance.

ExecVisions’ Smart Alerts keep you up-to-date on coachable moments and performance trends. Smart Alerts are powered by our proprietary AI engine that learns from your organization’s conversations. Notifications are customizable and configurable.

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Smart Alert Triggers

The platform leverages a number of parameters to trigger a Smart Alert. Feedback on a conversation or a web conference, or call being processed in ExecVision will kick off the trigger system to notify you.

Smart Alerts can be sent in real-time or after a trend measurement has been met, such as count, average or a percentage. Criteria can be as simple or complex as you want.

Criteria for Triggers Include:

  • Specific caller(s)
  • Related accounts, opportunities, or contacts
  • Values in CRM fields such as disposition
  • Talk:listen ratio, interchanges, and/or duration



Get alerts where you want to see them. ExecVision utilizes an in-platform Inbox to highlight notable conversations, including those highlighted by Smart Alerts. You'll also receive email notifications so you can stay-on-top of critical insights.


Smart Alert Use Cases

Sales Effectiveness

Track if your reps are following the sales process, using the right language, and asking the right questions in every conversation.

QA Compliance

Stop combing through conversations to ensure they follow your internal processes and legal requirements.

Customer Experience & Retention

Spot churn earlier, uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities and improve NPS and CSAT metrics.

Voice of the Customer

Track trends in what your customers are saying and get notified instantly about negative experiences.