Expand your contact center performance management program and improve the customer experience with conversation intelligence. Evaluate agents on quantitative and qualitative KPIs that tie to business goals. ExecVision combs your customer conversations for valuable insights including tone and sentiment, talk:listen ratio, keywords and topics, and more. Conversation intelligence is more than speech analytics–it provides a qualitative and quantitative view of agent performance.

Create Multi-Level Transparency

Aggregate performance and activity metrics into role-based dashboards to provide visibility into individual, group, and organizational performance. This level of transparency makes it easy for agents to compare their performance with their peers, driving self-coaching and development. Leadership can quickly pinpoint the behaviors of top agents and replicate them across their team.

Align Agent Performance to KPIs & Business Outcomes to Increase Engagement

Agents are more engaged at work when they understand their impact on the business. Tie their individual performance to overall customer experience or revenue goals to drive and inspire behavior change. When agents understand the skills, behaviors, and knowledge required to be successful, they are more satisfied and invested in their performance.

Deliver Consistent, Direct Feedback & Coaching

The modern workforce values coaching and development in their roles. ExecVision empowers supervisors and managers to spend more time coaching by surfacing key performance insights at the individual and group levels. Objective scorecards and tailored Coaching Plans put agents on track to peak performance with actionable insights for improvements.

Scalable Quality Assurance & Compliance

Gain visibility across every phone call or web conference with conversation intelligence for quality assurance and compliance. QA teams can quickly review conversations at scale, enabling them to fairly evaluate agent performance and mitigate compliance risks.

Optimize Training

Overcome the forgetting curve by identifying the effectiveness of training. Measure pre- and post-training performance to see how the material is being applied to customer conversations. Uncover performance trends that indicate a need for additional training and classroom time. Give agents the resources they need to hone their skills at their pace.