Close the Insights-to-Performance Gap with ExecVision’s coaching suite.

Requesting and providing feedback to improve performance is as simple as the click of a button. Customizable scorecards keep your team aligned to best practices, creating consistency across the skills and behaviors that matter most.

Coaching Plans

Coaching Plans enable front line managers to quickly identify performance gaps and take action to improve their team’s skills. Decide who and what to coach in seconds, then create a targeted Coaching Plan to get each person performing their best. ExecVision’s artificial intelligence recommends skills and behaviors that need coaching based on conversation analysis. The setup wizard walks you through each step of creating a plan from selecting the coach all the way to sending calendar invites for review sessions.

Coaching Plans eliminate the guesswork of where to focus coaching efforts for the greatest impact. Clearly defined and tracked plans enable managers to consistently develop the skills of their employees that drive performance and improve outcomes.

Annotating &
Sharing Conversations

Banish handwritten notes and back-and-forth emails from your coaching program. ExecVision allows users to leave comments and highlights directly on conversations. These annotations appear in-line as conversations are played back, providing the necessary context to the feedback.

Sharing allows users to draw attention to specific conversations whether it’s with a colleague for peer-to-peer reviews, with an entire team to celebrate a job well done, or with a prospect who wants to get other stakeholders up to speed.


ExecVision Focuses on Post-Call Coaching & Insights

Real-time analytics and coaching have their place–managers can jump in to talk a customer down, resolve complex issues, and even save deals. However, the greatest impact on your reps isn’t made in real-time.

ExecVision focuses on post-call analytics and coaching because our platform is built for proactive behavior change. When reps are actively having a conversation, they’re focused on the prospect or customer, not themselves.

In order to create lasting behavior change, reps need dedicated time to review conversations, think about what they could improve, and get guidance and resources to help them perform better. ExecVision provides asynchronous coaching that complements real-time whisper, barge, and in-person or live recommendations.

Customizable Scorecards

No two organizations are the same, which is why our scorecards are completely customizable. Build scorecards that follow your training and ramp-up milestones or that assess various types of conversations such as inbound leads or discovery calls, and use formats developed for different functions such as QA and compliance, certification, or sales.

Scorecards are flexible enough to accommodate any methodology or process. Choose from different scoring scales, label score ratings with your unique web site language, and format score reason schemes to help show why a grade was given.

The platform’s AI leverages Scorecards to make coaching recommendations, track metrics in the Stats tab, and notify managers of performance trends.

Coaching Effectiveness

ExecVision is the only conversation intelligence technology delivering full-circle insights on sales performance and coaching activity. Get a clear view of what coaching is happening and how it impacts conversation quality.

Performance Dashboards allow revenue leaders to drill down into coaching effectiveness. Identify if managers are closing the Insights-to-Performance Gap by creating behavior change, and ensure coaching efforts target the skills that drive the result you care about most: revenue.

Evee of ExecVision looking at metrics and doing a coaching self-review

Feedback Requests
& Self-Review

The most effective coaching often comes from one’s self. Individual users can leverage ExecVision to provide feedback and notes to themselves about specific conversations and opportunities. Users are also empowered to raise their hand for assistance from their manager right where and when they want it.