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ExecVision's Performance Dashboards are the only closed-loop reporting system for conversation and coaching quality. For the first time, revenue leaders can quantify the impact of coaching on rep performance while understanding rep and manager strengths and skill gaps.

Performance Dashboards act as Mission Control within the platform for tracking, measuring, and driving performance improvements. Each view is custom-tailored to surface the most valuable insights for each unique role. See what's inside for executives, managers, and reps below.

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Learn how you can enhance coaching effectiveness and increase your team's performance with ExecVision's Performance Dashboards.

Executive Dashboard

Gain a top-level view of current coaching activity and performance across every team. Senior leaders can understand which managers are actually coaching, who managers are coaching, and if those are the right reps to focus on, how effective coaching is on rep performance and the biggest skill gaps for each team. Reporting includes: 

  • How many hours managers are coaching
  • A ranking of manager coaching effectiveness
  • Which managers have created Coaching Plans for their reps
ExecVision Manager Dashboards

Manager Dashboard

See how reps rank with ExecVision’s Manager Dashboard. Managers can understand how their reps rank against one another on critical skills and conversation metrics, how rep performance trends over time, and which calls they should review for the greatest impact. Reporting includes:

  • Team rankings for Best Reps, Most Engaged Reps, Highest-Scoring Reps, and Most Coached Reps
  • Recommended Coaching Plans, including what skill gaps to focus on for each rep
  • How a manager’s coaching affects their team’s performance

Rep Dashboard

Give your reps a better view of their performance. ExecVision’s Rep Dashboard helps reps understand how their activity and performance stack up against KPIs and team averages. Reporting includes:

  • Average call scores along with a comparison to their team average
  • Conversation activity, including talk:listen ratio, total call duration, average call duration, and interchanges per minute
  • Self-review and peer coaching activity
  • Coaching received by their manager and other coaches
ExecVision's Rep Dashboard