ExecVision provides sales leaders and enablement teams with data mined from calls and web conference conversations with prospects, which helps them close the Insights-to-Performance Gap. Discover the key words, phrases, and behaviors that generate pipeline and drive deals so you can replicate best practices that increase results.

Insights alone won’t improve outcomes, which is why ExecVision is designed to facilitate human behavior change that improves performance and gives leaders the ability to make more informed decisions. No more assumptions or guessing on activity metrics alone. Discover how conversation intelligence helps:

Increase Sales Effectiveness Through Coaching

  • Optimize sales performance by turning every rep into a top performer.
  • Identify best practices of your top sellers including specific language and behaviors to replicate across the team.
  • Give every rep 1:1 feedback that drives behavior change with tailored Coaching Plans based on AI recommendations.
  • Create more coaching opportunities with self-led and peer-to-peer reviews.
  • Encourage your team to break down their own conversations before asking for feedback, lightening your workload and help coaching stick.
  • Drive collaboration and engagement by asking top performers to share their best practices with teammates.

“ExecVision helped my team get 25% more revenue in less than 90 days.”

Gary Milwit, StoneStreet Capital

Provide More Transparency in Pipeline Reviews

You no longer have to rely on incomplete or missing CRM notes and reps’ memories to understand current deal status. Review conversation history and identify risks before the deal is lost. Listen to the prospect’s challenges and objections to identify true motivators and emotions. Set up Smart Alerts for conversation activity on an account to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Notes, emails, and memory alone leave reps only somewhat prepared for follow-up conversations. Conversation intelligence empowers reps to quickly review critical moments in prior conversations, preparing them to drive highly-relevant discussions with prospects that move the deal down the pipeline. 

Mobilize Sales Enablement At Scale

Maximize your sales enablement efforts. Leverage insights from real sales conversations to create easy-to-implement curriculums that reduce ramp time and increase productivity. Then track your results with scorecards and Smart Alerts that reveal if reps are applying the training.

ExecVision empowers sales enablement teams to be more effective. Create consistency across the team by measuring and tracking adherence to process and scripts, delivering your value prop, handling objections with ease, and more. Quickly coach conversations at scale providing the targeted feedback needed to create impactful behavior change.

Identify skill gaps and training opportunities for individuals, teams, and departments with skills heatmaps and performance dashboards. Use conversation libraries to help exemplify best (or worst) practices to reinforce training and inspire self-guided upskilling and development.

Make Training & Onboarding Efficient & Effective

Conversation intelligence makes training and onboarding a breeze, cutting ramp time 33% on average. Get new hires up to speed faster by leveraging real customer conversations and fewer awkward role plays. Curate libraries based on classroom training and assign “homework” to listen, annotate, and score conversations.

Onboarding new messaging or product launches with your team can be a challenge. Get everyone using the right language faster by leveraging ExecVision to set alerts around new talk tracks and deliver feedback and compliments on specific conversations.