Conversation Libraries enable companies to organize and categorize the best (and sometimes, worst) customer interactions in an easy-to-access repository.

Conversation Libraries can be configured to suit your organization’s needs whether it’s restricting access to confidential conversations or providing an all-access pass to customer kudos and compliments. Leverage the platform’s artificial intelligence to automatically save conversations to a library based on specific triggers. The most popular use cases include:

Training & Onboarding

Conversation Libraries help your reps from the day they start and throughout their tenure. Build libraries centered around each conversation channel, skill, and training session to ramp your reps up at lightning speed. Create “homework” centered on reviewing conversations in a library, asking new reps to coach those conversations to certify their understanding of the material.

Behind the front lines, Conversation Libraries can aid in onboarding all new team members, from marketing to product and even human resources. Use real conversations to familiarize new employees with your products, services, and customers.

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Enhancing Specific Skills

Whether you’re a manager coaching someone on objection handling or a rep surfing for an interesting introduction, libraries can be a goldmine of knowledge. Save the best examples of objection handling, setting next steps, resolving specific support queries, and more in accessible libraries. Encourage your team to use libraries to see best practices in action. They’ll learn how it’s done while uncovering different ways to add a personal touch.

Marketing Campaigns & Messaging

Improve marketing efforts with conversation libraries. Save real customer reactions to campaigns and messaging, collect competitive intelligence, and uncover new market insights. Train reps on new product launches quickly based on messaging developed straight from the raw, unfiltered Voice of the Customer.

Product & Feature Ideas

Some of the best ideas come directly from your customers. Build out libraries of product and feature requests to help drive your roadmap and create stronger customer relationships.