With visibility into every customer conversation, organizations can pinpoint what makes clients continue to choose their brand while surfacing common loss risks like new pricing structures or a lack of return on investment.

Increase C-SAT and NPS Scores

Post-conversation surveys and NPS scores only tell one part of the story. Uncover the true voice of the customer with insights derived directly from conversations. Use conversation intelligence software to recognize common customer frustrations or identify gaps between agent performance and customer perception.

Boost Retention Rates & Expansions

Conversation insights allow companies to identify why customers renew, enabling them to refine the customer journey and increase retention rates. Our technology helps account managers stay proactive when it comes to renewals, upsells, and expansions. They can replay past conversations before critical meetings and tailor their agenda based on the customer’s goals while reviewing opportunities for additional seats, products, or services.

Spot Churn Risks Sooner

Don’t get blindsided by upset accounts and customers. Set up Smart Alerts in ExecVision for keywords, phrases, account activity, or other triggers that identify customers at risk so your team can react appropriately. Conversation insights can help your team identify common churn indicators such as inadequate features and poorly set expectations.

Create Seamless Handoffs

Clean up your account transfer process. ExecVision enables front-line teams to share sales conversations with customer success–empowering account managers to understand key details like KPIs new customers are seeking to improve and their top priority use cases.

Conversation libraries for each client make it easy to ramp up new hires or smoothly transfer accounts between customer success managers. These libraries can also help teams identify power users and important stakeholders that may be pulled into renewal conversations.

Deliver Superstar 1:1 Support

Make every customer feel like your only customer. Enable your agents with the knowledge they need to resolve even the most complex customer issues. Coach your team on empathy and personalization with ease and build out extensive conversation libraries to help agents upskill and develop the behaviors they need to deliver top-tier support.

For more technical issues that need to be escalated, share the conversation directly with your product team to help illustrate exactly what the customer experienced so they can solve it faster.

Make Self-Service Support Simple

Remove friction from the customer experience by improving your knowledge base and self-service help center with frequently asked questions. Use conversation intelligence software to review trends in support inquiries, identify common issues, and create alerts based around new product releases to ensure your team is equipped for new support challenges.

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