ExecVision is a conversation intelligence platform designed to make every organization’s most valuable asset, their people, wildly successful in their contributions to business outcomes.

Our Mission

We use AI to intelligently extract knowledge from customer conversations to surface actionable insights that make customer-facing reps better.

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What began as a simple solution to provide visibility into what’s really happening on sales calls has transformed into a revolutionary platform for gleaning insights, measuring performance, and facilitating the human behavior change that drives companies forward.

Our Story

Co-Founders David Stillman and Steve Richard understand first-hand exactly how difficult it is to drive impactful performance improvement without data. They built both a world-class appointment setting firm and then a consulting firm that trained thousands of reps to be successful sellers. Yet there was one problem in both businesses: they had no idea what really made top performers so good.

In 2015, they created the solution: ExecVision, a platform built to turn the goldmine of customer conversations into actionable insights that drive behavior change and positively impact business outcomes. As more and more organizations implemented ExecVision, it became clear that these insights had value beyond sales–customer success, marketing, and product teams could leverage this data for their own workflows.

However, they quickly recognized that insights alone won’t create behavior change. To drive lasting performance improvement, action has to be taken on those insights, and it can’t be done by artificial intelligence or software alone. David and Steve found that when there is accountability and customized actions for the individual, organizations can close the Insights-to-Performance Gap. ExecVision is designed to help leaders facilitate behavior change at scale, from coaching and developing their teams, to making informed decisions across their enterprise.

Join the Revolution

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