Traditional quality assurance processes are inefficient, labor-intensive, and difficult to scale. Randomized sampling doesn’t provide a way to identify a bad call from a bad habit or skill deficiency. Inaccessible scorecards and spreadsheets leave agents blind to their own performance. Get notified about conversations that need reviewing and pinpoint the moments that require close attention.

Maximize QA Efficacy

ExecVision enables QA teams to cover ten times more conversations, reducing the need for additional headcount or outsourcing. The platform makes it easy to score calls and deliver feedback directly to agents in a timely manner. Smart Alerts give real-time and trend-based alerts so you can quickly correct or praise agent behavior.

Transparent Scoring

Lift the veil on scoring practices with customized scorecards based on the skills and behaviors that drive key performance indicators including first-call resolution, C-SAT, deal progression, and more. Give your agents a first-hand view into grading reasons while keeping evaluators calibrated on what ‘good’ looks like and removing bias from the scoring process.

Identify Performance Trends at Lightning Speed

Leverage powerful conversation intelligence insights to quickly spot whether or not agents are using the right behaviors. Get notified about individual and team performance trends, inappropriate language, knowledge gaps, low script adhesion, and more.

Deliver Feedback Exactly Where It Applies

Close the Insights-to-Performance Gap with contextual feedback. Provide unbiased, directly actionable feedback in-line on conversations, eliminating the confusion that comes with a general comment box. Create a seamless experience where managers and agents can quickly locate and review suggestions and notes in context to the conversation.

Scalable Compliance Monitoring

Compliance errors are costly. Get analytics from 100% of conversations to ensure your organization is protected from fines and damages. Leverage keywords and topics to quickly track and identify the required wording.