Coach The Coach: Master Sales Coaching

In this high-energy Call Camp designed for sales leaders, learn what the world's best sales coaches do differently.



September 21, 2017


Differentiators of best sales coaches

In this high-energy session, Keenan from ‘A Sales Guy’ engages in a “sales coaching training” session where he sets out to coach the sales coaches.

In this session of our online sales coaching series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create the foundation of trust needed to have a sales coaching program
  • Analyze observable moments like any good certified trainer
  • Help the rep conclude for themselves actions needed to improve
  • Stop worrying about the number and start changing behaviors that make the number easy to hit
  • Drive consistency and accountability so sales coaching sticks

This online sales coaching session is designed for Managers, Directors, or VPs of sales and customer success. It’s also great for anyone else who coaches reps calls directly, or who is interested in developing their own sales coaching training workshop.