How To Get Past Gatekeepers When Cold Calling

Steve Richard of ExecVision with Celebrity Guest Coach Chuck Jones of SalesLoft.



April 5, 2017


Navigating gatekeepers

Get connected with more decision makers by learning how to get past gatekeepers when cold calling.

If you’re trying to get meetings with C-level executives, you’ve likely heard the classics, like:

“She’s in a meeting and unavailable to meet.” or “He’s not interested at this time, but we’ll keep your info on file.”

But, do you know how to craft a good response to get past gatekeepers, and in front of your desired point of contact?

In this Call Camp, Chuck Jones from SalesLoft and Steve Richard of ExecVision explore new, innovative approaches on how to get past gatekeepers when cold calling. You’ll learn some great tactics and responses for handling common scenarios, like:

  • Knowing how to show appreciation
  • Leveraging their business knowledge

Listen in to this Call Camp as we analyze real sales calls with gatekeepers to learn what is and isn’t effective in getting more meetings with decision-makers.