Advanced Sales Lead Qualification Techniques

Every salesperson in the world needs to be good at lead qualification. You already know the 101-level stuff, but do you know the 201-level stuff? Join Steve Richard and two celebrity guest coaches as they coach real lead qualification calls.



November 28, 2017


Lead qualification techniques

You already know the 101-level stuff. But do you know the 201-level stuff? These are the methods that separate the winners from the losers.

Join Steve Richard, and guest coaches Phill Keene & Ryan O’Hara from Costello & LeadIQ, as they listen to real calls to hear their sales lead qualification techniques in action.

In this webinar, you’ll hear real sales calls to learn about:

  • Disqualification power
  • Bouncers vs. ushers — how sales qualification differs for inbound vs. outbound
  • Should you use form and surveys for lead pre-qualification
  • How to sniff out ‘Soft Answers’
  • Navigating the layers of pain to find an emotional connection
  • Asking tough questions

As always, we listen to examples of these sales lead qualification tactics “in the wild” on real-world calls between sellers and buyers.