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Stop Wasting Your
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Coaching Intelligence - A New Way to Coach

No other productivity investment comes close to coaching in improving reps’ performance. However, most sales leaders lack visibility into several key components of their team's activities:

  • How much time are my managers spending on coaching their reps?
  • Who is getting coached the most?
  • Are reps getting better as a result of that coaching?

Without these insights, they risk wasted time and effort, and spend misplaced energy on coaching the wrong people. That changes now.

ExecVision's Coaching Intelligence platform provides sales executives with the consistency and accountability needed for onboarding, developing and promoting their reps. With one solution, you can now automate, track and measure the effectiveness of all your sales coaching efforts. What's more, the solution is tailored to your organization's specific sales methodology and coaching framework, and provides an explicit path to coaching reps that ensures accountability, consistency and, most importantly, behavior change and improvement.

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The Power of Coaching Intelligence

Automate, Track & Measure Coaching Activities

Develop a system of record to house all coaching activities, and understand if those efforts are moving the needle.

Ensure Alignment & Calibration Across Your Team

Align your team to a single vision of "good" conversations, based on your organization's sales methodology and coaching framework.

Increase Sales Effectiveness & Productivity

Help reps close more deals by identifying individual skill gaps and deliver targeted feedback and coaching to close them.

How It Works

ExecVision's Coaching Intelligence platform is customized to an organization's guided selling motion, including sales process steps and critical topics, as well as coaching principles. These are all used as the foundation for scorecards to evaluate each coaching activity. Performance Dashboards then illustrate where reps are struggling, and managers can address these areas through targeted Coaching Plans and reinforcement.

Coaching Intelligence Workflow

Customer Testimonials


"Since moving to 100% remote, [ExecVision] has been invaluable for our coaching and training. Since we are not on the floor to hear live calls, [the platform] has given us the ability to coach on specific topics, find the gaps where we need more training and onboard remote SDRs. Highly recommend ExecVision!"

Wanda P. | AA-ISP Review


"I love [ExecVision]. It is designed for salespeople who truly want to get better, and can take constructive criticism and put it into motion. I am new at this current sales job (4.5 years of experience in sales in another industry), so a tool like this is getting me up to speed a lot quicker than I thought would be possible."

Joshua E. | G2 Crowd Review