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Close Sales Performance Gaps with Conversation Intelligence

Extract insights from every customer-facing sales call and web conference with ExecVision's conversation intelligence platform - a powerful combination of analytics and sales coaching to help your revenue team reach its full potential.

With ExecVision's conversation intelligence technology, you'll be able to:

  • Identify what top performers do differently
  • Align the sales team to a single vision of "good" conversations
  • Find coachable moments with ease
  • Execute individualized Coaching Plans to close sales performance gaps
  • Track and measure coaching effectiveness

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World-Class Sales Organizations Leveraging Conversation Intelligence

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ExecVision is a conversation intelligence platform built on a simple, almost inarguable premise: Insights mined from customer interactions are exponentially more valuable when you can translate them into performance improvements in your marketing, support, sales, and product teams. We shine where other conversation intelligence tools fall short: Improving performance by changing human behaviors.

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The Power of Conversation Intelligence

Increase Sales Effectiveness & Productivity

Help reps close more deals by identifying what your top performers do differently and deliver targeted feedback and coaching to close skill gaps.

Reduce New Hire Onboarding & Ramp Time

Don't roll the dice with ride alongs and awkward role plays. Train reps using real call examples of best practices guaranteed to build the right habits for success.

Create Consistency & Accountability

Align your entire team to a single vision of the hallmarks of 'good' conversations, then drive adoption and accountability through scorecards and coaching.

Conversation Intelligence in Action

Inspect the Details of Every Conversation

Explore every aspect of a call. Jump into the transcription, complete a custom scorecard, view auto-detected keywords and topics, check the talk:listen ratio, add comments and highlights, and more.

Stay in the Know with Smart Alerts

Instantly find out about the conversations and performance trends that matter most. See key intel such as when reps fail to set next steps, which competitors are mentioned the most, or if performance is declining this month.

Dive in Deep with Dashboards

Get up close and personal with insights and analytics in a custom dashboard built for your role. Track call activity, measure call effectiveness and evaluate the quality and impact of coaching efforts.

Create Custom-Tailored Coaching Plans

Build a program to help each rep reach peak performance with Coaching Plans. Select the platform's AI-recommended skill or choose the behaviors and skills you want the rep to focus on improving.

"We’ve seen a 31% increase in closed-won opportunities with ExecVision."

— Marc Jackson, Vice President, Season Membership Sales at The Madison Square Garden Company


"Since moving to 100% remote, [ExecVision] has been invaluable for our coaching and training. Since we are not on the floor to hear live calls, [the platform] has given us the ability to coach on specific topics, find the gaps where we need more training and onboard remote SDRs. Highly recommend ExecVision!"

Wanda P. | AA-ISP Review


"I love [ExecVision]. It is designed for salespeople who truly want to get better, and can take constructive criticism and put it into motion. I am new at this current sales job (4.5 years of experience in sales in another industry), so a tool like this is getting me up to speed a lot quicker than I thought would be possible."

Joshua E. | G2 Crowd Review